School of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor (Psychology)

Maya Bitsadze works at “Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia” Teacher and School Principal Professional Development Project as a Leadership Development Manager. The project is  implemented by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. Worked at Georgian Ministry of Education and Science’s LPL National Curriculum and Assessment Center (NCAC)  as Projects’ Coordinator. Worked as a program accreditation expert at EQE. Sixteen years of teaching experience at university level. Worked at United Global Technologies (UGT) Ltd as a Consultant/Project Manager in Project Management/ HRM areas. Ten-year work experience in NGO Sector and community development at the Horizonti Foundation for the Third Sector as a Sustainable Development Program Manager, Information Program Coordinator. Intern at US Department of Education (FIPSE).

Maya Bitsadze holds PhD in Education from Ilia State University, M.A. in Education Administration from the American University (Washington DC), and MPA from GIPA/National Academy of Public Administration.  2014-2015 – Erasmus Mundus, Humeria program post -doctoral fellow at Czech Republic (Masaryk University), Muskie Fellow of 1995-1997 (The American University); JFDP Fellow of 2011-12 (Kent State University); CI Fellow of 1999 (Columbia University, Teachers College).

Scientific interests / research interests

Higher education administration/School administration fields, professional burnout, employee/student motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, organizational change /organizational development, organizational processes automation (technology impact on organizations), LLL, program/curricula assessment, project management/evaluation.

  • Featured publications

Bitsadze M., Japaridze M. (2016).Locus of Control in Georgian Teachers and its Relation to Teacher Burnout. Problems of Management in the 21st Century, PMC; 11(1) 8–15

Bitsadze M., Japaridze M. (2014). Personal and Social Aspects of Teacher Burnout in Georgia. Problems of Education in the 21 Century; 59(59, 7-14)

Bitsadze M., Japaridze M. (2011). Pilot Study of Teacher Burnout in Georgian Context. Problems of Management in the 21 Century, PMC; 2(2) 36-44

  • Books

Thomas C. Valesky, Robert G. Owens- “Organizational Behavior in Education, Leadership and School Reform”, tenth edition (e-publication) – Content editor of Georgian translation;

Peter G. Northouse, “Leadership – Theory and Practice” (e-publication) – Content editor of Georgian translation;

Richard Gorton., Judy Alston – “School Leadership and Administration: Important Concepts, Case Studies, and Simulations” (e-publication) – Content editor of Georgian translation.


Current Courses

Course Catalog

Business Practices in Higher Education (Eng)- Fall Semester, Master level;

Leadership in Higher Education Organizations (Eng)- Spring Semester, Master level;

Student Development at Colleges and Universities (Eng)- Spring Semester, Master level;

Management and Organizational Behavior in Education (Geo) – Fall Semester, Master level;

Organizational Leadership (Geo) – Spring Semester, Master level;

Fundraising and Project writing (Geo) – Fall Semester, Master level;

Introduction to Modern Thinking – BA level;

Student Behavior Challenges (co-lecturer) – BA level;

Organizational Development – Master level;

Organizational Behavior – Master level;

Education Systems, Models and Management (Eng)- Master level;

Education Policy – Master level;

HED Institution Management- Master level.


Experience of working with ERP systems;

Online teaching experience using Moodle and Blackboard platforms;

Grant and project management experience;

Porject writing and fundraising skills;

Desktop publishing skills.