Nino Pavlenishvili graduated from Faculty of Physics, Tbilisi State University, defended PhD in Physics and Mathematics. Later she graduated the School of International Relations and Law (concentration – IR), Georgian Institute of PuclicAffairs and was awarded with Cum Laude Diploma. Nino was a doctorate student at the Department of Political Science/IR, Ilinois State University (USA). Since 2011 she is part of Ilia State Universtity first as an assistent-professor and then associete prosessor  of Political Science. Nino has significant teaching experience (10 years at the Physics Department, TSU and 7 year at the Political Science Department, ISU). She dilivered the course of Ethnic Conflicts in Comparative Perspective at University of Helsinki, Finland.

Scientific interests / research interests

Field of Political Science/IR, specifically, ethnic conflicts, conflict transformation, resolution and peace processes.


  •  “Autonomy – Guarantee of Stability or Source of Secession/Irredentism” (co-author – David Aprasidze), was presented at International Peace Conference in Tbilisi; ready to publish.
  •  “Short – and Long-Term Effects of State Foreign Policy on Domestic Affairs”, paper (co-author – Giorgi Gvalia); in process;
  •  “On Concept of Irredentism – Contemporary Aspects”, paper, in process;
  • Calculus of Irredentism, International Conference, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 2012.


Bruce Jentleson, American Foreign Policy, 2015 (in team of translators)

Current Courses

Course Catalog

Fall Term
BA Level:
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Peace and Conflict Studies

MA Level:
Statistics in Political Science
Ethnic Conflicts in Comparative Perspective
Institutions and Politics

Spring Term
BA Level:
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Comparative Politics- Theories, Paradigms, Methodology

MA Level:
Research Design and Methodology in Political Science
Political Violence
Theories of War and Peace

  • Participation in PRESTUGE (ERUSMUS+ and EU joint project);  2016-2018;
  • Participation in “Conflict Transformation and Peace”, Osh, Kirgizstan, 2016
  • Participation in “Scholars’ Excellence”, University of Arizona, USA, USA Department Project, 2010.