Doctor of Sciences History. Professor

Academic Staff member of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, School of Education

In 1995 graduated from Orbeliani Tbilisi State Pedagogical University. In 1998 he defended the candidate, while in 2002 the doctoral dissertation (in the direction of Georgian history). Since 1993 he has worked as a leading teacher in several public and private schools. In 1996-2006 he first was a docent and then a professor at State Pedagogical University. During 2005-2006 he was a vise-rector at State Pedagogical University and from 2006 he is a full professor at Ilia State University. He is an author of more than 40 scientific articles, monographs and school textbook in history. David Malazonia participated in national and international research projects: 2012-2016- researcher in TEMPUS project –Development of an International Model for Curricular Reform in Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training”, N 530175-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-IL-TEMPUS-JPGR. 2014-2017 – scientific advisor of fundamental research “Intercultural Education: Problems, Analysis and Development Perspectives in Georgia”- FR/382/2-210/13, funded by Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation. Currently he is involved as a researcher in Erasmus + project – “Curriculum Reform in Supporting Civic Education in Georgia and Israel” (EAC/A04/2015). David Malazonia takes active part in national and international conferences and symposia dedicated to education issues.

Scientific interests / research interests

Intercultural education, teaching methodology of history and history of Georgia.

Featured publications
• Factors of students’ intercultural competence development in the context of Georgia. D. Malazonia, Sh. Maglakelidze, N. Chiabrishvili and G. Gakheladze. “Cogent Education”. Cogent Education, Taylor & Francis Group, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017.
• Education in Multicultural Environment – Teaching/Learning Support Activities (On the Example of Georgia) D. Malazonia, Sh. Maglakelidze and N. Chiabrishvili. „Intercultural Education“, Taylor & Francis Group, Published online: 27 Mar 2017.
• Multicultural education and holistic transformation of school system. D. malazonia, N. Chiabrishvili. Human Sciences Monograph Series N 19. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. 2017
• OVERVIEW OF PECULIARITIES OF NATURAL SCIENCE AND CHEMISTRY TEACHING IN THE SECOND HALF OF NINETEENTH AND IN EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY IN GEORGIA. D. malazonia, K. Kupatadze. PERIÓDICO TCHÊ QUÍMICA • • Vol. 14 N. 28. • ISSN 1806-0374 (impresso) • ISSN 1806-9827 (CD-ROM) • ISSN 2179-0302 (meio eletrônico). © 2017. Porto Alegre, RS. Brasil
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• Intercultural Competencies of School Society. D. Malazonia, N. Chiabrishvili and Sh. Maglakelidze. II Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference «Modern society cooperation and partnerships» 1st July, 2016. – Warsaw, Poland. 25.
• Aspects of Intercultural Education at the Primary Level of Georgian General Education School. ERIC – Education Resources Information Center. D. Malazonia, N. Chiabrishvili and Sh. Maglakelidze. 2015
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• Georgian Historiographic Thinking in the second half of the XIX century. Monography. 2003
• Introduction in History, Textbook, 2009
• History of Georgia, Textbook, 2008
Articles in magazines
• Multicultural school, as a place of integration. Malazonia D., Pkhaladze T., Choabrishvili N. International Science conference on Inclusive Education: Research, Learning, Teaching and Student Support, Sokhumi State University, 2017.
• Intercultural Education in School Textbooks. Malazonia, D., Choabroshvili. N. Scientific Conference Values and Education, National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Ministry of Education and Science, 2017
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• Fight of autocratic Russia against Georgian church language (in the 2nd half of the XIX century). Batumi. State University. 4. 187-196; 2013
• Strategies of introduction of new material at the lesson of history. International referred journal “Science and Life” published by Tbilisi State University. # 1(5). 177-183; 2013
• Role of imagination in the process of teaching the subject – family economy and gender. D. Malazonia, N. Choabrishvili. Scientific-analytical magazine “Economy of Georgia”. # 9 (142); 2012
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• Tsar Censorship – serious obstacle in development of free thinking in the second half of the XIX century . „Scientific Studies“, Baku. 2003.
• „Problem of Public Opinion in Theoretical Heritage of Tergdaleulebi“.Klio (Hisotrical Almanac). 2004.
• Problem of Enthic identity of Some Ancient Tribes in historiography of the XIX century. „Intellecti“, journal. 2003.
• „Some Aspects of activities of a Class manager“.„School and Life’, journal, #1. 2002.

An extensive list of publications

Current Courses

Course Catalog

2017/2018, Spring:
• Interdisciplinary approaches in Teaching History (teacher certification course);
• History of Soviet State, 1917-1991 (BA)
• History of Georgia from XVI century till Today (BA)
• Teacher Practice (teacher certification course);
• Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Teaching History (BA);
2017/2018, Fall :
• Methods of teaching History (teacher certification course);
• Methods of teaching History (BA);
• History of Georgia (MA);
• Tergdaleulebi (BA);
• Development of Historical Thinking (BA)
2012-2016, Spring:
• History of Old and Medieval Georgia (MA);
• Hostoriography of History of Georgia (MA);
• Teaching Methods of History and Civic (MA);
• Chronicle of Education of Georgia (BA);
2012-2016 Fall:
• History of Old Georgia (from ancient times till V century) (BA);
• Georgia in 1801-1921 (BA);
• Multi-ethnic and multicultural Georgia (BA);
• Chronicle of Education of Georgia (BA);
• History of Old Georgia (from ancient times till V century) (BA).

  • •Video-lectures
  • History of Soviet State
  • History teaching methodology –
  • Georgia in 1801-1921
  •  Tergdaleulebi –
  • History of Georgia (General course) –
  • Old Georgian historical writing –
  •  History of Georgia from ancient times to fifth century –
  •  Development stages of historical thinking –