Economics, Business Administration, Full Professor

Director, Institute of Economics and Business, Speaker, Representative Council of Ilia State University

Dimitri Japaridze graduated from Tbilisi State University and receiverd B.A. degree in Tourism and Regional Studies. During his studies he was actively involved in sport competitions and became two-time champion of Georgia in basketball and also in swimming. In 1991-92 he studied at Entrepreneurship program in Neuchatel University (Switzerland) and also got internship at High School of Tourism in Sierre, Valais. In 1999, he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi State University In 1999-2003 he studied at R. Kennedy College in Delemont(Switzerlad) and was awarded the degree of Doctor in Business Administration.
Since 2006 Dimitri Japaridze was engaged in academic sector as Associated Professor of Economics at Ilia State University. In 2012 he became a Full Professor. In 2008-2009 he had managed the Academy of Sports and in 2009-2010 was elected as a Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law.
For many years, he had pursued various trainings and qualification programs in business, banking, finance and trade fields in the 20 European and US universities. He is also successful participant of various EU projects. In 2013 he was awarded schollarships to conduct rsearches at Cambridge University and in 2015 at Kentucky State University. In 2016 he was an invited resercher at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York.
During 1993-2004, he held various leading positions in the Georgian commercial banks. In 2003-2008 he served as a President of the Georgian National Committee of the Internatioanl Chamber of Commerce(ICC Georgia). In 2005-2008 he was elected as a Deputy-Chairman of Trade Commitee in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe(UNECE, Geneva). He also presided the Stakeholders’ Council at the “Millenium Challenge – Georgia” in 2007-2009.
Prof. Dimitri Japaridze has also participated in many interantional conferences as a keynote speaker. At present, he serves a Director of the Institute of Economics and Business at Ilia State University and a Speaker of the Representative Council.

Scientific interests / research interests

The spheres of his primary research interests are SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Strategic Management, Development Economics, Rural Development, EU Economic Integration, Global Political Economy, Economy of the South Caucasus, etc.

• Prices and Salaries in the World, 1993
• Geographical Indications in Commercial Practice 2005
• Rural Development in Georgia – Improving Competitiveness by Promoting Tourism and Small – Business(Satsire Case, Georgia) – under preparation to be published as a monograph;
Articles in newspapers
• Anty-money laundering strategy in Georgia, 2003

An extensive list of publications

  • Evaluation of Tourism and Recreation Resources of the Tkibuli Municipality (Georgia), Geo; 2017;
  • Evaluation of Tourism and Recreation Resources of the Terjola Municipality (Georgia), Geo; 2017; – GeorgianMacroeconomic Forecasting Using Bayesian Vector Autoregressive Approach, 2017, Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Economics, 2017; 2(191): 42-49; – Rural Development in Georgia – Improving Competitiveness by Promoting Tourism and Small – Business(Satsire Case, Georgia) – under preparation to be published as a book; – Improving Institutional Effectiveness Through Human Resources Development – Awarding Tenure at University of Kentucky, 2015, Lexington, University of Kentucky; – High Performance Organizations in the Georgian Banking Industry, 2014, Geo; Journal of National Bank of Georgia;
  • “Small business Promotion Policy as a Principal instrument of the Society’s Economic and Social Development: International Experience“, 2012, GFSIS;
  • Analysis of Small Business Promotion in Georgia, 2012, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung;

Current Courses

Course Catalog

  • EU Economic Integration – 2013-2018,/Master’s
  • Global Political Economy – 2014-2018/Master’s
  • Economic history of the USSR – 2012-2018/master’s
  • Economy of South Caucasus – 2014-2015, Rus./Master’s
  • Energy and Transitioanl Economy in South Caucasus -2018
  • Tourism Economics-2018/bachelor’s
  • Principles of Economics – 2007-2011/BBA
  • Business Research Methods – 2010-2014/Doctoral
  • Research Design – 2011-2015/Doctoral
  • Management of Dissertaation Project  – 2011-12/Doctoral
  • Research methods( Health management)-2012-2-13/Doctoral