Assistant Professor in Management

Tamar holds an academic degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Twente, Netherlands. She has more than ten years of practical experience in managing human capital at public, private and intenational organizations. Tamar was an initiator for number of projects aiming at generating and redesigning HR business processes. Currently Tamar is responsibe for the Development of Human Resources at one of the biggest holdings in Georgia – Georgian Industrial Group. Additionally, she works as a consultant for various organizations to help in proper planning and implementing HR policies, strategies and processes.

Scientific interests / research interests

    • Researching incentive pay schemes and its effect on organizational development
    • Social networking and talent management
    • Employer branding and talent acquisition
    • Turnover and retention issues
    • Maintaining psychological contract, its effect on organizational success   

  • “Knowledge Management, HR Practices and Innovation” 2009
  • “Managing intangibles and intellectual capital” 2008

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