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Tamar Tolordava graduated from Ilia State University, School of Arts and Science (BA) in 2011. In 2015 she was awarded a master’s degree in Soviet Studies from Ilia State University. In 2013, she obtained Erasmus Mundus Alrakis 2 scholarship and studied at Tallinn University in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2019 received a scholarship from the International Education Center and continued her studies at the University of Glasgow, in 2020 was awarded a degree of Master of Science in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (the title of dissertation “Transformation of Civil Society in Georgia – From ‘NGO-zation’ to Civic Activism”). Since 2014 Tamar has worked at Ilia State University as a researcher and research coordinator. In 2015-2019 she was invited lecturer at the School of Arts and Science

Scientific interests / research interests

Soviet and Post-Soviet History and Politics; Georgian Political Elite; Civil Society and Social Movements in Georgia; Political and Social Affairs of Contemporary Russia.

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Tolkachev, Dmitrii and Tolordava, Tamar. 2020. Shared Past, Different Future? Russian and Georgian Authorities’ Discourse Concerning Homosexuality, Sexuality & Culture 24 (April): 447-464. DOI


  • Books

Tolordava, Tamar. ed. 2017. From Revolution to Social Movements? The Dynamics of Protest in Georgia in the 21st Century, Tbilisi: Ilia State University (in Georgian).

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Tamar Tolordava, “Struggle for 17th of May – How Counter-Demonstrators “Stole” IDAHOT Day,” in From Revolution to Social Movements? The Dynamics of Protest in Georgia in the 21st Century, ed. Tamar Tolordava (Tbilisi: Ilia State University, 2017) 50-85 (in Georgian).

Matiashvili, Mariam and Tolordava, Tamar. 2016. Batumi and Kutaisi – Agents of Georgia’s Modernization. Reconstructions of History no.2, Tbilisi: Ilia State University, 6-24 (in Georgian).

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Introduction to Modern Thought (2017-2019) BA level,  English Language Programme

Introduction to Modern Thought (2014-2019) BA level , Georgian Language Programme