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  • Center of Biodiversity Studies

Graduate: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Biology MSc, 1991. Graduate: Ilia State University Biology PhD, 2009. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Biology Faculty, Biophysics Department 1991-2002: researcher. Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife (GCCW) 1994-2006: Conservation biologist & GIS analyst. Ilia State University 2006-present: Professor at Institute of Ecology.

Research interests:

His research interests address:

  • Where, how and why a study living organism occurred, occurs and will occur?

To answer this question he uses the following methods:

  1. Landscape genetics;
  2. Ecological niche modeling & mapping;
  3. Satellite-received radio-telemetry (outfitting animals with radio-transmitters);
  4. Remote-sensing (analysis of satellite imagery);
  5. Animal surveys using camera-traps.

The ultimate goal of the results obtained thanks to these methods is:

  1. To explain evolutionary processes in living organisms (incl. humans);
  2. To contribute to nature conservation.

Scientific interests / research interests

Current Courses

Course Catalog

  1. Spatial Analysis in Ecology (graduate course)
  2. Statistics for biologists with program R (graduate course)
  3. Advanced statistics with program R (graduate course)
  4. Influence of Climate on living organisms (undergraduate course)