School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Professor of Astrophysics

Researcher at the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory

In 1991 finished the faculty of Physics of Tbilisi State University. In 1997 depended PhD thesis in Abasumani Astrophysical observatory. Subject – Pecularities of solar magnetic field.  In 2004 depended Doctor of Science thesis (habilitation) in Abasumani Astrophysical observatory. Subject – Parametric interaction between magnetohydrodynamic waves and astrophysical applications. Since 1995 works at Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory. Has been working in University of St Andrews (UK: 2001-2002) and in University of Balearic Islands (Spain: 2005-2006). Now temporaly works at Space Research Institute (Austria). Main research areas – solar physics, space plasma physics, astrophysics. More than 100 scientific publications, 70 in referred international journals. Since 2008 works at Ilia State University.

Scientific interests / research interests

Solar atmospheric magnetoseismology
Solar cycles
Solar prominences
Magnetic instabilities
Solar plasma heating
Solar wind turbulence
Solar-type stars

Featured publications

  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Oliver, R., Hanslmeier, A., Carbonell, M., Ballester, J. L., Gachechiladze, T. and Usoskin, I. G., Long-term variation in the
  • Sun’s activity caused by magnetic Rossby waves in the tachocline, ApJL, 805, L14, 2015
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Vörös, Z. and Zhelyazkov, I., Kelvin-Helmholtz instability of twisted magnetic flux tubes in the solar wind, A&A, 561, A62, 2014 [6]
  • Zaqarashvili, T.V., Vörös, Z., Narita, Y. and Bruno, R., Twisted magnetic flux tubes in the solar wind, ApJL, 783, L19, 2014 [2]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Khodachenko, M. L. and Soler, R., Torsional Alfvén waves in partially ionized solar plasma: effects of neutral helium and stratification, A&A, 549, A113, 2013 [8]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Khodachenko, M. L. and Rucker, H. O., Magnetohydrodynamic waves in solar partially ionized plasmas: two-fluid approach, A&A, 529, A82, 2011 [27]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Carbonell, M., Oliver, R. and Ballester, J. L., Quasi-biennial oscillations in the solar tachocline caused by magnetic Rossby wave instabilities, ApJL, 724, L95, 2010 [19]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Díaz, A. J., Oliver, R. and Ballester, J. L., Instability of twisted magnetic tubes with axial mass flows, A&A, 516, A84, 2010 [18]
  • Murawski, K. and Zaqarashvili, T. V., Numerical simulations of spicule formation in the solar atmosphere, A&A, 519, A8, 2010 [20]
    Srivastava, A. K., Zaqarashvili, T. V., Kumar, P. and Khodachenko, M. L., Observation of kink instability during small B5.0 solar flare on 2007 June 4, ApJ, 715, 292, 2010 [53]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Kukhianidze, V. and Khodachenko, M. L., Propagation of a sausage soliton in the solar lower atmosphere observed by Hinode/SOT, MNRAS, 404, L74, 2010 [9]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Carbonell, M., Oliver, R. and Ballester, J. L., Magnetic Rossby waves in the solar tachocline and Rieger-type periodicities, ApJ, 709, 749, 2010 [21]
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  • Kukhianidze, V., Zaqarashvili, T. V. and Khutsishvili, E., Observation of kink waves in solar spicules, A&A, 449, L35-L38, 2006 [45]
  • Zaqarashvili, T. V., Observation of coronal loop torsional oscillation, A&A, 399, L15, 2003 [44]

Current Courses

Course Catalog

Master – “Solar physics”

Master – “Solar physics”-2014-2015 Autumn

Master – “Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics”-2014/2015 Autumn

Doctoral – “Individual project”-2013/2014 Spring

Doctoral – “Solar physics”-2013/2014 Autumn

Doctoral – “Individual project”-2013/2014 Autumn

Master – “Solar physics”-2012/2013 Spring

Doctoral – “Solar physics”-2012/2013 Autumn

Master – “Solar physics”-2011/2012 Spring

Master – “Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics”-2011/2012 Spring

Master – “Theory of radiation and spectral line formation”-2011/2012 Spring

Master – “Solar physics”-2011/2012 Autumn

Doctoral – “Solar physics”-2011/2012 Autumn

Doctoral – “Individual project”-2011/2012 Autumn

Master – “Theory of radiation and spectral line formation”-2010/2011 Spring

Master – “Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics”-2010/2011 Spring