Was born in 1958. graduated from Tbilisi State University, Department of Physics (speciality geophysics) in 1980. Received his PhD degree in 1995 (candidate degree in Physics and mathematics). The thesis title was: “Assessment of the physical parameters in the source area of strong earthquakes”.  Since 1980 worked in the Institute of Geophysics Georgian Academy of Sciences as ingineer, researcher, head of department of seismology, depute director of the institute. Worked in Tbilisi State University as lecturar and assosiated professor. Was the head of National Survey of Seismic protection of Georgia and director of the Seismic Monitoring Center.   Since 2008 he works in Ilia State University. Was the dean of the department of Earth Sciences, director of the Institute of Earth Sciences, dean of the school of Engineering, Head of Administration of the University. Have 40 scientific publications.

Scientific interests / research interests

Seismicity and seismic hazard of Caucasus, study of regularities of seismic processes, strong ground motion, earthquake source physics, hazard assessment and risk analysis of natural disasters.

Featured publications

  • Forte A. M., D. Y. Sumner, E. Cowgill, M. Stoica, I. Murtuzayev, T. Kangarli, M. Elashvili, T. Godoladze, Z. Javakhishvili, 2014, Late Miocene to Pliocene stratigraphy of the Kura Basin, a subbasin of the South Caspian Basin: Implications for the diachroneity of stage boundaries. Basin Research 03/2014; DOI: 10.1111/bre.12069
  • L. Telesca, T. Matcharashvili, T. Chelidze, N. Zhukova, Z. Javakhishvili, Investigating the dynamical features of the time distribution of the reservoir-induced seismicity in Enguri area (Georgia),Nat. Hazards, DOI 10.1007/s11069-013-0855-z, 2013
  • Jorjiashvili N., T. Yokoi, Z. Javakhishvili, 2012. Assessment of uncertainties related to seismic hazard using fuzzy analysis. Nat. Hazards (2012) 60:501–515, DOI 10.1007/s11069-011-0026-z
  •  Gök, R., R. J. Mellors, E. Sandvol, M. Pasyanos,T. Hauk, R. Takedatsu, G. Yetirmishli, U. Teoman,, N. Turkelli, T. Godoladze, Z. Javakishvirli. 2011 Lithospheric velocity structure of the Anatolian plateau-Caucasus-Caspian region, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 116, B05303, 14 pp., 2011doi:10.1029/2009JB000837.
  • Matcharashvili T., L. Telesca, T. Chelidze, Z. Javakhishvili, N. Zhukova, 2013. Analysis of temporal variation of earthquake occurrences in Caucasus from 1960 to 2011, Tectonophysics 608 (2013) 857–865.
  •  Shengelia, Z. Javakhishvili, N. Jorjiashvili, 2011, Coda Wave Attenuation for Three Regions of Georgia (Sakartvelo) Using Local Earthquakes, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Oct 2011; 101: 2220 – 2230
  •  Matcharashvili T., T. Chelidze, Z. Javakhishvili, N. Jorjiashvili and U. Fra Paleo, 2011, Non-extensive statistical analysis of seismicity in the area of Javakheti, Georgia. Computers & Geosciences, doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2010.12.008
  • Slejko D., Z. Javakhishvili, A. Rebez, M. Santulin, M. Elashvili, P.L. Bragato, T. Godoladze and J. Garcia, 2008, Seismic hazard assessments for the Tbilisi test area (Eastern Georgia). Bolletino di geofizika: Teorica ed Applckata. Vol. 49, n. 1, pp. 37-57.
  •  Javakhishvili Z., T. Godoladze, M. Elashvili, T. Mukhadze and I. Timchenko,“The Tbilisi earthquake of April 25, 2002 in the context of the seismic hazard of Tbilisi urban area”, Bolletino di geofizika: Teorica ed Applckata. vol 45, n.3, pp. 169-185, September 2004

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  • introductory course – Planetary geophysics
  • undergraduate course – Earth as a planetary system
  • graduate course – General Geophysics 2
  • PhD course – Geophysics