School of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor of History and Literature

Grigol (Gia) Jokhadze graduated from Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani State Pedagogical University School of History in 1993, and finished his Post-graduate studies in 1996. Defended doctoral dissertation on “History of Georgian Church 13-14th centuries” at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 2002. Main research interests are: religious, comparative literature and semiotic problems of medieval history and philosophy. Has published more than one hundred scientific papers. Has been working at Ilia State University its inception. Was Deputy Dean of the School of Humanities and Cultural Studies; Currently is a member of the Institute of Comparative Literature at the Ilia State University.

Scientific interests / research interests

  • Medieval history and culture
  • Religious teachings
  • Modern Literature
  • American Studies
  •  History of the Church
  • Semiotics

Featured publications

  • Three « Councils » and One « Point of View »
  • (Concerning councils dedicated to Armenian’s religious allegiance in the Georgian historical narrative), Montpellier University Works, 2015
  • Иосиф Бродский на грузинcком языке: опыт переводчика, Материалы всемирного конгресса переводчиков, Москва, 2015
  • Борис Пастернак на грузинском языке: опыт переводчика, Материалы Государственного Музея России, Москва, 2015
  • Pseudoimpulses of Eurasianism in Georgian Literature (20th), Journal of Literature and Art Studies, 2015
  • Human Body in ,,Kartlis Tskhovreba”, 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Medieval Institute, College of Arts and Sciences, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, 2012
  • Antagonisme des narratifs sur la question de L’identite religiuse et ethnique de Ivane et de Zakaria Mkhargrdzeli, Actes du colloque, L’Europe et le Caucase, Les relations interregionales et la question de L’identite, Sous La direction de Mzaro/Mzagve Dokhturishvili, Gerard Dedeyan , Isabelle Auge, Edition Universite d’Etat Illia, 2012
  • Jokhadze, L. Coffin, Rustaveli to Galaktion: An Anthology, Indiana University Pres ,,Slavica”, 2014
  • The medieval concept about sources of the Caucasian people. Leonti Mroveli Magazine of sociopolitical and economic research ,,Caucasus and globalization”, 4, СА&GG Press, 2013
  • Jokhadze, ,,In search of an invented kingdom” and the Georgian Reality         An anthology ,, Representation of the Mongols in Caucasus (13-15 Century), ,,Differenz und Integration”, 2011


  • Augustinian providentialism and the religious views of Georgian chronicler, Tbilisi, 1998
  • The history of Georgian Church in13-14th, Tbilisi, 2003
  • Historical Essays, I, Tbilisi, 2005
  • Historical Essays, II, Tbilisi, 2005
  • Thomas Stearns Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral, Tbilisi, 2004
  • Joseph Brodsky, The End of a Beautiful Era, Tbilisi, 2008
  • History with Human Face, Introduction to Historical Anthropology, Tbilisi, 2009
  • José Ortega y Gasset, The statement of people: language. Introduction to new linguistics, Tbilisi, 2012
  • Marjory Wardrop, Notes of a Journey in Georgia, Tbilisi, 2012
  • Jokhadze, L. Coffin, Rustaveli to Galaktion.            An Anthology, Indiana University Pres ,,Slavica”, 2013
  • Terra Historica, Essays, თბ., 2015

Current Courses

Course Catalog

  • Introduction to Modern Thought
  • The History of Georgian People. ,,Old Age Epoch”
  • Introduction to Historical Anthropolgy
  • Body Adventure
  • Mongols and Mongol States
  • The Perception of World Religions in Georgian Historical Narrative
  • The End of Epoch: Joseph Brodsky. Thomas Stearns Eliot
  • Old World History
  • English-Georgian translation
  • Church Life in Old Georgia
  • The History of Georgian people
  • The History of the World Civilizations
  • The History of Religions
  • The History of Georgian Chucrh

Professor Jokhadze translates selected works of world poetry and essays from Russian, English, Polish and German.