Sociology, Associate Professor

Levan Tarkhnishvili born on 1st of September 1971. After graduation from Georgian Agrecultural University, he continue his study in Central European University, Prague Collegue, Department of Society and Politics. In 1995 Levan defent MA thesis and received degree in Society and Politics of Lancaster University (UK). In 2013 Levan defent PhD thesis “Theoretical Aspects of the World Values Surveys: Main Principles, Challenges and Criticisms” and received degree on Ilia State University.
His working experience included newspaper “Biznes Kurieri” as political analyst; senior expert and head of working subgroup in joint project of Georgian Government and UNDP “Change Management Support Unit”; expert of CASE-Poland; Competition Coordinator, South Caucasus Cooperation Program Coordinator and Director of Caucasus Research Resource Center-Georgia at Eurasia Foundation.
Various period of his career he served as Chairman of Georgian Public Broadcaster Board of Trustees, Chairman of Georgian Central Election Commission, Advisor of Georgian President and Member of Georgian Parliament. Levan was member of State Commissions for Tolerance and Integration and Determination of Status of the Former South Ossetian AO.
He is lecturing in Ilia State University since 2006.

Scientific interests / research interests

Values of Society and Transition; Elite Theory and Study, Election Study, Secularism and Political Transition.

Featured publications
Theoretical Aspects of the World Values Surveys: Main Principles, Challenges and Criticisms, Identity Study, 2011.
15 Years of Independence, Society and Politics, 2007
Georgia: Transformations toward Democracy?, CASE-Poland, 1997

Religion and Value, at Secularism in Georgia, 2010.
Transformation of Georgian Society Values, at Society and Values, 2007
Youth and Employment in the Countries in Transition, Focus Eastern Europe: Psychological and Social Determinants of Behavior in the Transition Countries, 2001

Articles in magazines
Employment and Social Mobility, European Journal of Education, 2000
Youth and Employment in the Countries in Transition, The Finnish Review of East European Studies, 1999
New Life for Old People – Youth in Georgia and Armenia, Leisure, Time and Space: Meanings and Values in People’s Lives, Leisure Studies Association, Brighton, 1998
Traders and Mafiosi –Self-Employed Youth in Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia, Journal of Youth Studies, 1997
Youth in Georgia without the Opportunity for Recreation and Entertainment, World Leisure and Recreation, 1996

Articles in newspapers
Political and Economic Cycles, at Christian Democracy, 2001

Current Courses

Course Catalog

Social Science Research Metods – BA 2016/17
Research project 2 – MA 2016/17

Social Science Research Metods – BA since 2006
Research project – MA since 2006
Elitism – MA 2006-2008
World Value Study – MA 2006-2008