School of arts and Sciences, Classical Philology, Full professor

Levan BerdzeniShvili studied at Polytechnic Institute of Georgia in 1970-1972, graduated from Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University, Department of Classical Philology in 1977; PHD in 1991. 1978-1994 he worked at Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University, at the Center for Research of Mediterranean Cultures, as a Senior Research Officer (1987-1990), Deputy Chief (1990-1992), Chief (1992-1994). In 1997-98 he was Director of Cartu Foundation, in 1998-2004 Director General of National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. Twice was elected as MP of Georgia (2004-2008 and 2012-12016), use to be Chairman of parliamentary committee of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport (2004) and Committee on European Integration (2015-2016). He is founder of Republican Party of Georgia (1978). He is also founder of several NGOs including Republican Institute (2008, director of this NGO in 2008-2012) and Liberal Line (2016).

Scientific interests / research interests

Literature, especially Classical Literature, Ancient Greeek and Latin languages

L. Berdzenishvili, Evolution of Literacy, Tbilisi 2016.
Homer, Iliad, translated in Georgian from L. Berdzenishvili, Tbiisi 2015.
L. Berdzenishvili, Holy Gloom, Tbilisi 2010.
L. Berdzenishvili, Lingua Latina, in 2 volumes, Tbilisi 2008.
Articles in magazines
Few words about Virgil, Arili 2017.
Homer today, Arili 2015.
12 articles in Liberali magazine

Current Courses

Course Catalog

  • Ancient Greek Drama  (bachelor’s) 2017-2018
  • Antic Literature (bachelor’s) 2017-2018
  • Homer’s Iliad (master’s) 2017-2018
  • Ancient Greek Prose (bachelor’s) 2014-2017
  • Ancient Greek Poetry (bachelor’s) 2014-2017
  • The 3 Electras (master’s) 2014-2017
  • The Thebai Tragedies (master’s) 2014-2017