School of arts and sciences, sociology and demography direction, statistics, Professor

Mamuka Nadareishvili graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in 1979. He obtained his PhD at the Institute of Law and Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia in 1983. His Dissertation title was “On the Non-parametric Estimates of Regression Function and Density Distribution”. In 1983-2005 He was a professor at Georgian Technical University. In 2005-2007 He was head of statistical department of Social Services Agency. Since 2008 he is a professor at Ilia State University. In 2012-2015 he was the president of the Georgian Statistical Association.

Scientific interests / research interests

applied and mathematical statistics, sample surveys

Featured publications

  • Using a Proxy Means Testing in a Conditional Cash Transfer Program, BOTA Foundation 2013. jointly withLarry Dershem, FarkhodSaiduloev, Craig Arnold, Joe Rittmann
  • Correlation of the Caucasus petroleums by distribution of trace metals. Georgia Chemical Journal (2006). ). Jointly with T.Gabunia etc.
  • Asymptotic behavior of a number of repeated records. Statistics and probability letters 35 (1997). Jointly with E.Khmaladze, A.Nikabadze
  • Projection pursuit. III international symposium of young scientists, Budapest, LorandEotvos University. Reports , 1988. Jointly with G.Tusnadi
  • Estimation of difference between kernel type empirical curves of regression in two independent samples. Bull. Georgian Acad. Sci., 1985. Jointly with E.Nadaraia
  • Testing the hypothesis on equality of two regression functions. Bull. Georgian Acad. of Sci., 1984.
  • On a non-parametric estimate of regression function. IV Soviet-Japan symposium, Abstracts, Tbilisi, 1982.
    Non-parametric estimation of the probability density and regression function for a certain model. Bull. Georgian Acad. Sci., 1981.


  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics, textbook, Tbilisi, 1990 (in co-authorship, in Georgian);
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics, collection of problems, Tbilisi, 1990 (in co-authorship, in co-authorship, in Georgian);
  • Higher mathematics, part 3, textbook, Tbilisi, 1988 (in co-authorship, in co-authorship, in Georgian);

Current Courses

Course Catalog

  • Descriptive statistics,  semester, bachelor’s
  • Using of the statistical programs,  semester, bachelor’s
  • Applied social statistics,  semester, master’s
  • introduction in statistics,  semester, bachelor’s
  • Higher mathematics,  academic year, bachelor’s
  • Statistical modeling  semester, doctoral