Full professor in the Field of archaeology

The Ilia University Center for Archaeological Studies of the Early States on the Territory of Georgia; director;

Dimitri Akhvlediani was born in 1954, in Tbilisi, graduated from 126 secondary school in Tbilisi. In 1976 graduated from the Tbilisi State University, faculty of history. During 1977-2006 was working in the Archaeological Research Center of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. In 1986 he defended dissertation for attaining candidate degree of historical science, in 2004 – for attaining Doctor degree of historical sciences. During 2004-2006 he was the head of the Archeological Department in the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Since 2006 until today he has been a senior researcher at the National Museum of Georgia. He has taken part in archeological expeditions of Vani (1973-2010), Kolkheti (1977-1980), Kazreti (1975), Nastakisi (1981-1982), Qulevi (2000-2001), Guria (2001.), Vale (2003), Tsalka (2003), etc. During 2009-2013 he was the head of the archaeological direction of the St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University, Faculty of Humanities, and an associated professor. Master works and doctoral dissertations have been made with his guidance. He has published more than 70 works in Georgian, Russian, English, German and French.
Foreign scholarships: Volkswagen scientific scholarship, Berlin (6 months), 1997-98; scholarship of the German Archaeological Institute, Athens, 1991, 2001; scholarship of the French Archaeological institute in Athens, 2001.
Participation in Scientific forums: Vani international symposia dedicated to the problems of ancient history and archaeology of the Black Sea area, 1990-2005; International Scientific session: “Archaeology of Caucasus: resent finds and perspectives”; International Scientific conference: Page2
Archaeology in the 21st century: inheritance and perspectives”; 1st International Silk Road Symposium (June 25-27, 2003, Tbilisi-Georgia); The International Round-Table Conference: Production and Trade of Amphorae in the Black Sea, Batumi-Trabzon.

Scientific Grants:
Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation grant:
“Treasure from the city-site of Vani.” 2012-2014. (Project manager).
Georgian Academy of Sciences Research Grants on topics:
“Demographic processes and trade-economic relations in the Black Sea area in the 8th c. BC- 8th c. AD.” 1997-1999. (Participant).
“Silk road communication structures”. (Participant).
“Weapon of war and fortifications of ancient period in Georgia.” 2002-2003. (Participant).
“New Materials on the relations of Colchis with the outer world in the Late Hellenistic period”. 2004-2005. (Participant).
“Open society – Georgia” Grant on the theme:
“Renovation of Vani archaeological museum”. (Project author and director). 1998.

Scientific interests / research interests

Archaeological study of Colchis, Lasica and Kingdom Kartli; role of demographic, environmental, and external factors in the development of the country”.

Featured publications
• The Hoard from the City-Site of Vani, Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Bulletin, vol. 10, no. 2, April-May-June, 2016.
• On the Relationship of Colchis and the Kingdom of Pontus. – Iberia-Colchis # 7, 2011.
• Ballistas from the Vani city site. – Iberia-Colchis #1, 2003.
• Roof Tiles from the Vani City Site, Tb., 1999.
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Current Courses

Course Catalog

Fall semester of 2016-2017: Archaeology and modernity; Introduction to Archaeology (lectures); Classical Archaeology (lecture) – for bachelor’s level; Archaeological research process and methods (lectures); Field theory and practice of archaeological excavations – for master’s level.

2015-2016 spring semester : Archaeology and modernity; Classical archaeology (lectures) – for bachelor’s level.
2015-2016 fall Semester : Archaeology and modernity (lecture); Introduction to Archaeology (lectures); Classical Archaeology (lecture) – for bachelor’s level; Archaeological research process and methods – for master’s level.
2014-2015 spring semester : Archaeology and modernity – for bachelor’s level.
2014-2015 fall semester: Archaeology and modernity; Classical Archaeology – for bachelor’s level.
2013-2014 spring semester: Archeology and modernity; Introduction to Archaeology; Classical Archaeology – for bachelor’s level. Field theory and practice of archaeological excavations; Analysis of archaeological sources- for master’s level.
2013-2014 fall Semester: Archaeology and modernity; Intoduction to Archaeology – for bachelor’s level. Archaeological research process and methods- for master’s level.

Archaeological field-work practice for students of the Ilia University : Kolkheti lowland reconnoiter expedition, 2014; Archaeological excavations in Nastakisi, 2015.