Assistant professor, in the field of anthropology

Mariam Darchiashvili graduated from Central European Euniversity, faculty of political science at MA level. She gained her doctorate degree in the field of sociology from Ilia State University. Her dissertation examines everuday economic and cultural practices of Muslim Meskhetians living in village Nasakirali. She has been involved in scientific research project: ‘Religiosity among young Georgians’ (2015-2018) within which she participated in two international conferences: ESCAS-CESS joint conference in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, in 2017, research title: “Religiosity and Capital: Religious Practices Among Young Georgians from Nasakirali” and ASN and Vytautas Magnus Universisty joint conference in Lietuva, Kaunas, in 2016, research title: “Informal Economic Practices and Their Applications: Muslim Meskhetians from Nasakirali”.  Mariam Darchiashvili is assistant professor at Ilia State University since 2018. Currently she is working on the doctoral program of Sociocultural Anthropology at Ilia State University.

Scientific interests / research interests

  • Identity,
  • The everyday,
  • Minorities,
  • Coexistence,
  • Migration,
  • Mobility,
  • Informal economic practices,
  • Muslim Meskhetians

Featured publications

  • 2018 – “Religiosity and Capital: Religious Practices of Muslim Meskhetians from Nasakirali”, in “Religion in Everyday Life”, edited by Ketevan Gurchiani, pages: 151- 206, Ilia State University Publishing.
  • 2018 – “Seasonal migration and symbolic power: the case of Muslim Meskhetians from Nasakirali”. Nationalities Papers, Taylor & Francis.

Current Courses

Course Catalog

  • Migration Studies, 2019 Spring semester, MA level
  • Security Studies, 2019 Spring semester, BA level
  • Classical Sociological Theories, 2019 Spring semester, BA level
  • Introduction to Contemporary Thought, 2019 Spring semester, BA level
  • Migration Studies, 2019 Spring semester, MA level
  • Classical Sociological Theories, 2019 Spring semester, BA level
  • Gods, Heroes, Demons, 2016-2017, BA Level (Assisted professor Ketevan Gurchiani)
  • Introduction to Contemporary Thought, 2015-present, BA level
  • Security Studies, 2009-present, BA level
  • Political obligation, 2008-present, BA level