Full Professor in Public Law

2012-present Ilia State University Professor; 2006-20016 – President, Constitutional Court; 2005-2006 – Minister of Environmnetal protection and Natural Recources; 2004-2005 –  Minister of Justice; 2000-2003 – Director, Ruile of Law Program, OSGF; 1995-1999, Leading Specilist, Head of Staff, Legal, Committee of the Parliament

Scientific interests / research interests

Constitutional Law, Humna Rights, Intrenational Law, Rule of Law

An extensive list of publications  

  • 2012: “The 1921 Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. Looking back after 90 years”, European Public Law Vol 18, issue2.,%201918-1921/Papuashvili-2014.pdf

  • 2000: “Lustration mechanisms in former Communist Countries and prospects of its Implementation in Georgia”, Georgian Law Review, ed. TACIS-GEPLAC (
  • 2001: “Fight Corruption”, Open Society News
  • 1999: “Constitutional Development in Georgia: Realities and Expectations”, Bulletin #14, ed. Strategic Research and Development Center of Georgia
  • 1998: “Property Restitution in Georgia: Problems and Prospects,” Almanakhi, ed. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
  • 1998: “Legal and Political Aspects of the New Organic Law of Georgia on Political Parties,” Bulletin #6, ed. Strategic Research and Development Center of Georgia
  • 1995-1996: More than 100 articles on the issues of international affairs in the independent newspaper “Resonancy”, Tbilisi, Georgia

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