Associate Professor in Cultural Studies and Religion, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Member of Institute of Philosophy

Ketevan Gurchiani studied classics at Tbilisi State University in the Republic of Georgia and at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Germany. She defended her dissertation on ancient Greek religion and theatre. Her interests in religion have since taken her to contemporary societies and issues. Her shift to cultural anthropology has been sponsored by generous scholarships held at St. John’s College Oxford, UCLA, Columbia and New Your University (NYU). Ketevan Gurchiani is mostly interested in studying different aspects of religiosity with special focus on everyday religion. Currently she is working on religiosity among young Orthodox Georgians within Georgia and beyond. Since 2015 she is head of a three-year project researching everyday religion funded by Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Her interests broadly focus on everyday life and how it is informed by the post-Soviet and Soviet habitus. She also explores and teaches the culturally specific understanding of heroism and dignity.
K. Gurchiani is active in teaching and supervising masters and PhD students. She is also organizing a series of interdisciplinary research seminars in history, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies, giving young researchers the opportunity to present their research.
She has been recipient of numerous research grants and awards from Georgian, German, and US-based foundations. Currently Ketevan Gurchiani works as an Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Ilia State University in Tbilisi and is visiting scholar at New York University (NYU).

Scientific interests / research interests

Caucasus, Georgia, religion, everyday life, rituals, mythology, contemporary religiosity, ancient Greek theater and ritual.

 Featured publications

2017 How Soviet is the Religious Revival in Georgia: Tactics in Everyday Religiosity. Europe-Asia Studies69(3), 508-531.

2017 Georgia in-between: religion in public schools. Nationalities Papers, 1-18.

2017 Greek Tragedy on the Georgian Stage in the Twentieth Century. A Handbook to Classical Reception in Eastern and Central Europe, 548-559.

2017 Classical Reception in Georgia. A Handbook to Classical Reception in Eastern and Central Europe, 541-547.

2016 Plagiarism and Attitudes towards it in Georgia. Co-Authored with Bregvadze, Ghlonti, Lortkipanidze, Urushadze. Open Society Foundation Georgia, Tbilisi.

2013 Odysseus Journey to Mingrelia: On Translating Heroism. in: Kadmos, an international peer-reviewed journal in humanities.

2011 On R. Girard’s Violence and the Sacred. in: Theories of Modernity, edited by Giga Zedania. lia State University, Tbilisi, 2011

2010 Sophocles on the Georgian Stage.  in: First International Conference. Theatre and Theatre Studies in the 21st Century, Anna Tabaki & Walter Puchner (eds.), Ergo, Athens

2008 evangeliur-luTeruli eklesia sakartveloshi (Evangelical – Lutheran Church in Georgia), in religiebi sakartveloshi Religions in Georgia, edited by Zurab Kiknadze. sakhalkho damcvelis bibliotheca. Tbilisi

2007 Polyphem und Devi: Geschichten von kannibalistischen Riesen in altgriechischer und kaukasischer Tradition. in: Stefanos, Tribute volume to Walter Puchner, edited by I. Vivilakis, W. Puchner. Ergo Editions, Athens

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Current Courses

Course Catalog

1. Anthropology of Everyday Life. Spring semester, MA
2. Study of religion from the perspective of socio-cultural anthropology. Fall Semester, MA
3. Cultural Anthropology: Theory and research. Fall Semester, MA
4. Ethnography as a method. Spring semester, doctoral seminar
5. Gods, heroes, and monsters: an introduction to cultural anthropology. Fall and spring semesters, BA
6. Interdisciplinary Research Seminar. The spring and fall semester. PhD level

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