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Ketevan Gurchiani is a professor of anthropology at Ilia State University in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is particularly interested in lived religion, the domesticated and undomesticated nature of the city, and informal practices of resistance.

Since 2020, Ketevan Gurchiani has been leading the project: “Tbilisi as an Urban Assemblage” ( In this project she is interested in different aspects of the intertwining of human and non-human in the city. Ketevan Gurchiani is also involved in the projects “An Anthropology of Gardens Otherwise and Elsewhere”, “Surrogacy as Networked Phenomenon”, and “Conflict and Cooperation in Eastern Europe”.

Ketevan Gurchiani is a member of The Working Group on Lived Religion in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.


Scientific interests / research interests

Caucasus, Georgia, religion, everyday life, rituals, mythology, contemporary religiosity, Urban anthropology.

Articles and Chapters

  • 2023 Gurchiani, Ketevan; Darchiashvili, Mariam. “Nested Liminalities: death, migration and pandemic among Georgians in Russia”, Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales, 2023, 39 (1), pp. 27-51.
  • 2022 Gurchiani, Ketevan. “Rivers between nature, infrastructure, and religion.” Central Asian Survey (2022): 1-20.
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  • 2018 Gurchiani, Ketevan. “Public Schools: Space and Identity” (Georgian: საჯარო სკოლები: სივრცე და იდენტობა) in: Religion in Everyday Life (edited by K. Gurchiani). Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
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  • 2017 Gurchiani, Ketevan. Georgia in-between: religion in public schools. Nationalities Papers 45 (6), 1100-1117
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  • 2016 Gurchiani, Ketevan. Plagiarism and Attitudes towards it in Georgia. Co-Authored with Bregvadze, Ghlonti, Lortkipanidze, Urushadze, Bakradze, Janashia. Open Society Foundation Georgia, Tbilisi. Available at:
  • 2013 Gurchiani, Ketevan. “Odysseus’s Journey to Georgia: On Translating Heroism.” KADMOS 5 (2013): 77-117.

Current Courses

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Introduction in Cultural Anthropology: research of everyday life; Religion theory and research – anthropological perspective; Anthropology of Everyday Life
Gods, Heroes and Monsters: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; Cultural Anthropology: Theory and Research; Anthropology of Everyday Life

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