Faculty of Business, Technology and Education. Architecture, Urban Planning

Assistant Professor

Graduated with a degree in Architecture with a focus on Civil Architecture from Georgian State Academy of Arts in 2001. In 2007-2008 studied MSc “Urban Strategies” at the Institute of Architecture, the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. In 2013-2016 Studied MSc Urban Studies and Planning at Higher School of Economics, National Research University in Moscow, Russia.

In 20019-2020 completed a Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA). As part of a programme, did an internship at the Urban Planning Department of the Boston City Hall. Was part of several research programmes at the university, Strategical development of The Broadway Plaza in Town Arlington is one to note.

Has a 17 year work experience in Architecture. From 2016 has been actively working on the field of planning, urban research and Design

Scientific interests / research interests

Urban and regional politics, historical, theoretical and practical directions in planning, The role of technology in the architecture and planning processes.

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